A Beautiful Journey of Love and Togetherness : In the serendipity of life's journey, I found not only a soulmate but also a lifelong partner at BARC. In the year 2009, I had the privilege of marrying R. Vasumathy, a remarkable woman from the life science discipline and a fellow batchmate at BARC. Hailing from Kalpakkam, another township of DAE, she brought with her a diverse cultural background that enriched our lives.

Vasumathy's intelligence and linguistic prowess never cease to amaze me. She effortlessly communicates in six languages - Tamil, English, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi - bridging gaps and fostering connections wherever we go.

Our love has been blessed with a precious gift - our beloved daughter, Aathira. As she turns 12, we are filled with joy and pride as we watch her grow into a bright and compassionate young individual. Aathira's presence has brought immeasurable happiness and meaning to our lives, making every moment with her a treasured memory.

Together, as a family, we have embarked on a beautiful journey of love, togetherness, and shared experiences. The bond that ties us is strengthened by our support for each other's dreams and aspirations, fostering an environment of understanding and harmony.

Life has bestowed upon us the blessings of love, laughter, and companionship. As we navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood, we are grateful for the love that binds us and the memories that weave our story together. With each passing day, our love continues to grow, and we eagerly embrace the future with open hearts and open arms.

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