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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 26, Sun Nov 2023
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Created on : 25, Sat Nov 2023

This website is made for R Vasumathy to express her views in various topics. As she is very interested in writing articles and I decided to make a platform for her to publish her articles. This website is made with the help of php7.2, MySQL, jQuery, CSS and HTML5 and hosted along with Anushakti Nagar Networking website ANN. Advantage of this website is that site has a very less memory footprint in server so that this will work in shared webhosting too. You can see the rendering time with peak usage of memory at footer link. Please support us by sharing and commenting of the webpages. thank you

Updates Coming (@TODO)

1). Facebook like commenting system, so that we can replay on any comment posted by a reader and will be a infinte loop.

2). Like/Love button below every article so that reader can like/love it and the count will be displayed in the summary page.

3). 5 star rating system for each page and if rated it will show the avarage rating of page near to header.. :)

4).Total page views in admin section which is now done with Google Page Analytics

5). Better SEO plugin for better webcrawlers..

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